Your Order Makes a Difference

With Every purchase you make we donate 5% to community projects in and around Chiang Mai, Thailand. Not only that but with your support we are able to buy products in advance from local artisans and keep them in stock for delivery.

So what makes us different

We purchase the items in full from our artisan partners. We don't do consignment or purchase agreements. Everything you purchase here has been fully paid to the artisans who created it! Many Artisans suffer because they make products, buy raw materials, spending time and delivering to companies that give them "purchase options" or "consignment" terms. 

So what does this mean? It means the artisan is out of pocket for the material and time spent until the item sells. We know not every item will sell, but find it unfair for the artisans to create the item and "hope" we will sell it for them. Fair Trade and Sustainable fashion is more than just buying handmade products at living wage.  it's a way of life. We see putting conditions on the sale of artisan items as an affront to true fair trade.

Where Does The 5% Donation Go?

Over the past five years we have done several community projects, mostly in the Hill Tribes of Thailand (where most products are purchased) as they require the most help. Projects include building a WiFi tower for access down to books and materials for school children.