Vision & Mission Statement:

Ethnic Lanna (EL) is a registered Thai company that proudly adheres to Fair Trade principles and socially conscious entrepreneurship. All of EL’s partners must follow our Fair Labor and Child Labor policy, ensuring ethical working conditions at every level.

EL works closely with the Hill Tribes of Northern Thailand, and indigenous groups around the world, and believes in empowering these artisans by opening up global markets to them through online platforms.

EL manufactures its own products and does so with sustainability and Fair Trade principles in mind, collaborating with our artisan partners to protect them from entrenching on their goods and services.

EL’s goal is to ensure it’s artisan partners have access to the necessary infrastructure and education to succeed in our modern economy.

EL aspires to bridge the gaps that our artisan partners face in order to accomplish the goal of integrating them into this economy, and we believe that doing so will foster an environment where its partners will flourish, become self-sustaining, and encourage growth and success for themselves, their families, and their local communities.