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Introducing Wholesale Bundle Pricing

Introducing Wholesale Bundle Pricing

Are you looking for significant savings making a wholesale order? Then take advantage of our wholesale bundle pricing. We now feature overstock as bundles under our already low wholesale prices. We have dedicated an entire category to wholesale  bundles in our online shop, here you will be able to find some of those products you already order in quantity, but at bundle pricing.

These bundle packages feature all of our popular categories, from handbags and clothing to jewelry and decorations, crafted by the same fair trade artisans as always. We pride ourselves in dealing exclusively handcrafted textiles and jewelry to customers all around the world, and some times we overstock to be able to always serve you as quickly as possible, so don't forget to check out our bundle pricing section when ever you go browsing our wholesale store.

Come check out what our online store has to offer for your bulk buying purposes. We are certain there is a bundle pricing offer that suits every kind of customer we serve, but feel free to contact us if there is a special order you would like to make. We look forward to hearing from you.

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